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Testing 1,2,3...


Feel confident with Puritan! Our EnviroMax® and EnviroMax Plus® kits come with oversized foam swabs, ideal for larger surfaces. The ESK® Sampling Kit is excellent for on-the-spot testing — choose from 4 standard pre-fill options or ask for custom media. 

EnviroMax® (dry) and EnviroMax Plus® (pre-moistened)

  • For sampling surfaces or large equipment
  • Oversize, absorbent foam tips
  • Pre-moistened or dry swab

ESK® Sampling Kit:
  • For environmental surface sampling
  • Our leak-proof vials and caps come with fully integrated handles
  • Available in 4ml or 10ml fill volumes of Letheen Broth, Butterfield’s Solution, Neutralizing Buffer, or Buffered Peptone Water
  • Custom filling also available

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