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Puritan® Diagnostic & Transport Kits



Collect + Transport with Puritan®.

Collect a quality specimen and transport it to the lab with our convenient liquid media transport kits. Whether it is viral or bacterial, Puritan has you covered with UniTranz-RT® with universal transport medium and featuring our patented PurFlock Ultra® (for virus) or Opti-Swab® with liquid amies and our patented HydraFlock® swabs (for bacteria). Each kit contains a swab (in some kits there are two swabs!) plus a vial with liquid transport medium. Available in a variety of tip sizes, tip materials, and fill volumes, and suitable for various applications. Puritan swabs and transport media, better together for your convenience. Our products are all made in the USA and are available to ship today.

Puritan. We help you know.

Contact us for more information on our line of media transport kits or our complete line of diagnostic collection devices and to receive periodic updates from Puritan.