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How to Swab for RSV - The Complete Resource Kit & Guide



RSV swabs are a medical-grade diagnostic swab that is designed to collect viral samples from a patient’s nose. Using specialty materials and fibers, the swab can collect, hold, and release viral material for more accurate testing. 

RSV swabs are similar to flu swabs and COVID-19 swabs. In at-home test kits, these swabs are sometimes one in the same.

In this free Puritan RSV Testing Toolkit, you’ll get access to  these two resources:

  • How to Collect an RSV Nasopharyngeal (NP) Specimen
  • How to Collect an RSV Nasal Specimen

You’ll learn:

  • How collecting an RSV specimen from the nasopharynx differs from the nares
  • The four critical steps for taking each type of RSV specimen
  • Which Puritan swabs to use for each type of RSV test

These up-to-date materials are informed by the latest information released by the FDA on how to collect specimens and which swabs are acceptable. 

Download the RSV Testing Toolkit Now