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Your Guide to Puritan Swabs for Controlled and Critical Environments

single-use swabs


Knitted-polyester tip or cotton? Foam or foam over cotton? With so many single-use swabs on the market for use in controlled and critical environments, how do you know which model is best for which task? 

Simply download our new guide, Swabs for Controlled & Critical Environments: The Ideal Place to Use Each Type. This handy guide matches our six Pursafe swab options to your most common CE needs.

Just fill out this form and download the guide for: 

  • A BREAKDOWN of the six variations of swab tip in our PurSafe product line
  • A CHECKLIST of each product’s components
  • A handy list of WHICH SWAB is ideal for WHICH JOB in your CE facility
  • A LINK TO THE BEST CE swabs in the business.