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We've compiled our content offers—from our throat culture infographic to our DNA evidence collection checklist—in a handy library so you can find all Puritan's best resources in one place.

NEW! How to Collect a Male Urethral Self-Swab



NEW! How to Collect Self-Swab Male and Female Samples



NEW! How to Collect a Nasal Swab Speciman



NEW! How to Collect a Nasopharyngeal (NP) Swab Speciman



NEW! How to Swab for COVID-19 Toolkit



Controlled Environments Resource Portal



Learn How to Swab for Strep Throat

Access Our Strep Portal. Download Now.

Single-Use Swabs for Controlled and Critical Environments

How to Pick the Right Swab for the Job

All You Need to Know About Food Safety Testing

Access Our Food Safety Portal, Keep Food Safe

Get All the Information You Need to #Flocktheflu

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All You Need to Know About Our Superior Flocked Swabs

Access the Flocked Swab Portal

Get Our Six-Step Reference for Proper Influenza Sample Collections

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Your Guide to Proper Throat Swab Specimen Collection

Get the Throat Culture Checklist

Never Miss a Step in the DNA Evidence Collection Process!


Choose the Right Tools for Each Type of DNA Evidence Collection

Get the DNA Evidence Collection Flowchart & Infographic

NEW! The Puritan Food Safety Zone

Learn Proper Food Safety Testing Methods

Get the Food Safety Checklist

Keep Your Facility Stocked and Your Food Safe


Learn the Correct Way to Collect Buccal Cells 


Help Protect Your Baby From Group B Strep

Learn Vaginal Self-Swabbing Procedure

Get the Guide to Using Puritan's Individually Wrapped Swabs

How to Use Individually Wrapped Swabs

Get the Guide to Using Puritan's Dry Swabs in Transport Tubes

How to Use Dry Swabs in Transport Tubes

How to Collect a Stool Sample 

Collect a Fecal Sample

Do You Know Your ABCs? Brush Up with Puritan's Product Dictionary

Download the Dictionary

How to Collect a Rectal Swab Sample 

Rectal Swab Sample How-To

Keep Contamination Out of Your Cleanroom   

Download Puritan's Cleanroom Considerations Resource

Learn Why Longhorn Vaccines & Diagnostics Chose Puritan

Download the Longhorn Customization Case Study

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